Raise the Roof - Coaching ™

It's all about touching peoples lives. Every time we bring something on stage we’re looking for that certain reaction. By telling stories we make the audience laugh, cry, dance, reflect, clap, cheer, etc. Through a combination of vocal and visual tools, your artistry will get the crowd on their feet.

Choreography, staging, lyrics, song selection, packaging, MC-spots are some of the things that are available in the portfolio of Raise the Roof Coaching ™. All designed to fit your unique style and personality. Click on “Quartets” and “Choruses” in the menu to see some of the groups that we are currently working with.

Sales & marketing is another part of our coaching program. How can we get more performance opportunities? How do we get our finished product out there? How do we make ourselves more well-known? Fund raising?

Don’t hesitate sending us an email on and we’ll be happy to come up with an idea for how we can help you.