Raise the Roof - Directing

Let us help you bring your next show, concert or performance to life. Raise the roof directing is about helping you exceed your audience expectations and be the best that you can be. Directing is the craft of controlling the evolution of a performance.

It all starts with the idea. We can help you create, write, brainstorm and work the idea, program and script. We then use all available tools to raise the roof. Decor, costuming, lighting, sound, music, choreography, visual and sound effects, etc. are all important parts that used right and wisely will help you reach your goal. Let’s bring the audience to their feet.  

Through our large network of highly talented people in every area we are able to help you with your entire production or just a piece of it.

Don’t hesitate sending us an email on and we’ll be happy to come up with an idea for how we can help you.